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Handy Bible Pro app for iPhone and iPad

4.6 ( 7616 ratings )
Reference Book
Developer: Vincent Chiu
4.99 USD
Current version: 5.14, last update: 6 months ago
First release : 28 Jul 2011
App size: 705.92 Mb

In addition to all features of "Handy Bible"(Search "Handy Bible"), "Handy Bible Pro" also adds:
* Complete bible study app, besides bible translations, also includes commentaries, Strong Number concordance and definition, dictionaries, maps, devotions and books. Can use iOS7/iOS8 built-in speech synthesizer to read all bible translations.(optional purchase, includes English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Hebrew, Greek, etc. 37 languages).

* Universal app (support both iPhone and iPad); it also supports both the portrait and the landscape mode; no internet connection needed

* Add Apple Watch Support

* As users review-"No other Bible app allows you to do so much on one page" - Unlike other bible apps on the market, can only read bible, commentary or dictionary - one at a time, "Handy Bible" provides very unique feature - "floating", "Movable" and "half-transparent" bibe/commentary/Dictionary/Personal Note reading window on top of bible text, so that you can read all these texts at the same time.

* The only app to open up to 4 bible windows(others can only have up to 2) - each bible window can adjust its own size and assign its own bible translation text. And moreover, you can assign "Bible Parallel" to one of these 4 bible windows. These features allow to have all bible translations viewable on the same screen without flipping back and forth. Plus the above "float" commentary, dictionary, personal note and bible search popup window, you can have all kinds of bible study contents shown and viewable on the same screen.

* Powerful note(have both scripture and topical "Tag" notes) editing - the only app to allow "rich text editing" and add links to any bible study content within the app - supports "rich text editing" including "Bold", "Italic", "Underline", "Strike Through", "Font color/highlight/size", "Ordered or unordered list", etc. In addition, you can insert "Tag" shortcut that links any bible study content to your note. Also, you can copy web page link and paste into your note. Video demo:

* Powerful and rich SQL db search features: search for any text within seconds inside the Bible or any text in your own personal notes; it can also filter OT and NT books. Can also use "AND" or "OR" (words separated by space, or use begin-end double quotes to search as a whole phrase) to narrow down the search. Also support Regular Expression for more complex and specific search.

* Unlike other apps, can only show search result page by page, Search Result will be presented with all scriptures found in order by a Book with Book Index for easy access and the frequency of that serach strings within each Book.

* Commentaries: MHCC,JFB,Clarke,Barnes,Gill,TSK free domain commentaries included. A icon will be shown if available for that bible verse. Like NOTE window, this Commentary Window is also floating, hafl-transparent and movable so can have it on all the time while reading bible text. Eaily switch to next available Commentary with Next/Previous button.

* Compare Translations: show all available bible translations within one single window

* Dictionary: includes AmTrac,Easton,Fausset,ISBE,Morrish,Nave,SC,Smiths,TCR. Search any exact or partial of keyword.

* Strong Number Concordance: includes Hebrew/Greek Definitions and References. Search and look up each Strong Number.

* Bible with Strong Number: includes KJV with Strong Number text. For each Strong Number, can have a floating window to show its definition.

* Bible Maps/Art.

* Reading Plan: create personal daily bible reading plan based on your choices of bible books and duration. Includes 4 examples of bible reading plans.

* All the above can be exported from Copy/Email.

* Include: ASV,BBE,DARBY,ISV,KJV,NHEB,WEB,YLT bible text. Also can purchase ESV, Message, NASB, NET bible/notes, NKJV, etc.

* Useful Tips/FAQ:

Pros and cons of Handy Bible Pro app for iPhone and iPad

Handy Bible Pro app good for

This extensive app is excellent for bible study. The paid version comes with 8 bible translations. For further translations of your choice like esv, the message, nasb, net, nkjv - you can pay extra in app to download. It also comes with strongs numbers and definitions, dictionaries and commentaries. It includes old style maps and pictures. It has word study features. My favourite is the strongs feature that is normally not included in other bible apps. The only downside is that the various buttons are tiny and sometimes difficult to use but one can use a screen pen for more ease. Interface is a little confusing and I would like it to be more user friendly and easier to navigate as well as options for setting your own colors, interface style and fonts. Other than that, this app is excellent for personal study. Highly recommended!
This is a must have Bible App. Easy to use and great for comparison of different versions at the same time. It is also extremely easy to make notes which you can always access whenever you read the same verse again later. Get this App, it is a pure delight for Bible reading!
Great app! Very user friendly interface. Best bible app for sermon prep. Strong s, various commentaries, dictionaries. Etc. I like being able to hold down a word for a few seconds and get its definition. Ive downloaded a number of bible apps over the years but none comes close to pro bible.
I love this and go to this every time the layout and options you have to set this up to your liking is top notch. Developer thought of everything. I have the pro and its so worth it!!! Have used it for years now and its still my favorite.
This app has made it easy to do regular bible reading (McCheyne) and keeps track where you are at using the daily bible reading plan. The ISV translation is good, easy to read, and uses latest texts.

Some bad moments

I like the Strong’s numbering support and the translations comparison tool. I had intended to use Olive Tree’s Bible Reader for this purpose but the way this app handles Strong’s numbers makes it easier to explore the verses containing the word corresponding to that number. On the main screen each verse starts on a new line. In a smaller font above the verse is the book and verse number possibly followed by some icons. The icons indicate whether a personal note, commentaries for the chapter, verse, or both are available. When activated, the note or commentary floats in a transparent window and optionally syncs with the selected verse. From the selected verse it takes 2 clicks to get the same verse with Strong’s numbers. Clicking on a number brings up the Strong’s definition. Next, I think, is the best feature of this app. Below the Strong’s definition there is a list of hyperlinks for all of the occurrences in the KJV. The verse links are listed under each KJV word corresponding to the Strong’s number. Pressing a verse link instantly presents the verse in a movable popup. Pressing a different one instantly changes the verse in the popup. The speed of the verses appearing in the popup makes me want to click each one. Within the popup the translation can be changed and there is a link back to the main screen where the verses are listed. Exploring the verses associated with Strong’s numbers is great, a 5* feature. The author responded in less than 1 day to my questions and I’m looking forward to the functionality being added in 1.3. There are a few rough edges, help could be better (it’s useful to press the i button on the bottom right), it took me a while to figure out how to add a note (you need to press and hold the verse in the primary translation for 2 seconds and a dialog will come up to add a bookmark, note, email verse, chapter, etc. It also has a navigation ‘reticule’ at the bottom right. Five *s for its unique features, value, and where I see this app going.
Rich contents with 6 versions of bible and 3 books of commentaries. The tool has a feature to allow two versions of bible displayed in the same screen, which provides great convenience when I need compare the translation among various bibles. Navigating from book to book or from chapter to chapter has never been so easy. The index screen provides 3 slider controls for book, chapter and verse respectively. No more typing is needed for verse lookup. The floating nav buttons allows me to go previous or next book/chapter at any time. In addition, the commentary icon on each verse provides an instant link to the detailed explanation of the current bible verse. An excellent Bible study app!
Nice to be able to do many things in the App., checking different parts of Bible, dictionary & being able to see it within the app, different windows, wonderful for Bible Studies & reading the word about our Great God!! A must for everyone!! A Great App by the developer, Great Customer Service!!
I like the app....I just thought it would have the ability to buy different bible translations. I like NAS or NKJB. If it had that ability it would be all in one to me. Otherwise its
My favorite bible app except; This app does not do audio search very well it only picks up one word other apps do better.
This is a fantastic app very user friendly I like the fact you dont have to leave the bible page to do most of your studying it is quick and responsive and enlarging the pop - ups is a major plus the tools you get with it is also very impressive a lot of study material to work with one of the best out there Thanks